Books about the Kris - Keris

Tafsir Keris Book: Tafsir Keris - Kris: an Interpretation.
Author: Toni Junus (language: English / Bhs Indonesia)
This book combines both the traditional and modern interpretation of the keris. Various views on the subject are discussed from rituals and offerings to art and craftsmanship. Topics like mysticism, esotericism, spirituality, philosophy, art and culture are all dealt with in the 256 pages. Printed on glossy paper (23,5 x 31,5cm) with a lot of coloured illustrations.
Price: 125,00 euro

Keris book: The Power of Iron
Book: The Power of Iron
This book describes mainly Kerisses from Java. Beside Javanese Kerisses there are also 55 pages with Tombaks and 23 pages with a lot of other traditional weapons from Indonesia. The desription of the many Kerisses displayed in this book (beautiful images) are in clear Bahasa Indonesia, general information about Kerisses and "the POWER of IRON" is also written in English.
Hardcover, 24 cm x 31 cm, 380 pages printed on Art Paper 150 gr and High Resolution of images.
price 125,00 euro

Keris Minang Kabau Sumatra Kris
Book: Keris MinangKabau
Author: Basuki Teguh Yuwono and Fadli Zon
Language: Bhs Indonesia
This is the first complete book about Kerisses from Sumatra with many illustrations in full color. The book contains a foreword, followed by 445 pages with many beautiful pictures with good comments written in Bahasa Indonesia. The weight of this book is +/- 2,2 KG, the size is 29 x 22,5 cm and is almost 4 cm thick
Price: 125,00 euro

Keris Bali
Book: KERIS BALI Bersejarah
Author: Pande Wayan Suteja Neka & Basuki Teguh Yuwono
Language: Bhs Indonesia
321 pages glossy paper with a lor of coloured pictures (a few are signed by pak Neka)
The first good quality book about Kerisses from Bali and Lombok written by the founder of the Neka (Keris) Museum in Bali
Price: 145,00 euro

Keris Jawa antara Mistik dan Nalar
Book: Keris Jawa antara Mistik dan Nalar
Author: Haryono Haryoguritno (language: Bahasa Indonesia)
A very nice book (458 pages) with very large and beautiful pictures
Mainly about Kerisses from Java. Good details and clear pictures and drawings
LAST ONE Price: 250,00 euro

An Insider's Perspective
Author: Pande Wayan Suteka Neka
Language: English (the only book about Balinese Keris in English language)
This book contains many images of Kerisses from Bali with their detailed and extensive description in English language
limited edition, the books were personally signed by the author
almost sold out: ONLY 1 COPY AVAILABLE

IRON ANCESTORS Kris Sajen, Kris Majapahit and related Objects
Book: IRON ANCESTORS Kris Sajen, Kris Majapahit and related Objects.
By: Theo Alkema, Ben Grishaver& Karel Sirag (language: English)
This book focusses on the all-iron kris with an ancestor as its hilt, amulets rather than weapons, such as Keris Sajen / Keris Majapahit.
224 pages with 288 colour photographs and 27 b/w drawings
Price: 60,00 euro

Senjata Pusaka Bugis
Book: Senjata Pusaka Bugis.
By:Ahmad Ubbe, Andi M. Irwan Zulfikar, Dray Vibrianto Senewe (language: Bhs Indonesia)
This important book focusses on the Bugis weapons such as the Keris and the Badik, the handle and the pamor.
Hardcover, 30 x 23 x 2,5 cm, 366 pages glossy paper containing a lot of very beautiful illustations of Kerisses and other Bugis weapons.
Only 1 book available Price: 125,00 euro

Tosan Aji
Book: Tosan Aji Pesona Jejak Prestasi Budaya
Author: Prasida Wibawa (language: Bahasa Indonesia)
Very nice book with a lot of good illustrations and content about Krisses and tombaks.
Only 1 copy available. Price 39,50 euro

De inlandsche kunstnijverheid in Nederlands IndiŽ
Book: De inlandsche kunstnijverheid in Nederlands IndiŽ
Deel 5: De bewerking van niet-edele metalen
Author: J.E. Jasper en Mas Pirngad (language: Dutch)
Re-print of the famous book (1930) because of it's content about welding/forging of weapons in Indonesia and the art of pamor-welding.
Price: 89,95 euro

Traditional weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago
Book: Traditional weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago.
Author: A.G. Zonneveld (language: English)
Reference work on Indonesian edged weapons such as andar, badek, balato, baluse, barong, bayu, buko, golok, jimpul, kalasan, kampilan, keris/kris, kudi, ladieng, mandau, niabor, palitai, pandat, parang, pedang, sewar, sumpitan, tumbok lada, wedung, etc). In addition, shields, spears, war hats and war dresses are illustrated and described.
Price: 60,00 euro

Keris Indonesia
Book: Keris Indonesia / Indonesian Kris: Aesthetic and Philosophical Meaning.
This book describes Kerisses from the different regions of Indonesia in English language and Bahasa Indonesia. Both the aesthetic and the philosophical meaning are described. A very good book with beautiful illustrations and detailed descriptions of the +/- 75 Kerisses decribed in 151 pages (of the in total 224 pages). Hardcover, large book +/- 24 x 32 cm, 224 pp glossy paper, containing many large illustrations and descriptions of Kerisses, sorted by area.
Price: 95,00 euro

De Kris: Magic Relic of Old Indonesia Vol I
Book: De Kris: Magic Relic of Old Indonesia Vol I.
Author: G.J.F.J.Tammens (language: Dutch and English)
One of the first books about Kerisses. Vol 1 gives a good first impression about Kerisses and the history of Kerisses.
301 pages with 175 b/w and some colored illustrations
Only 4 pcs left (after that not available anymore) Price: 95,00 euro

Krisdisk: Krisses from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines
Krisdisk: Krisses from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.
Author: Kartsen Sejr Jensen (language: English)
A very good Ebook on CDrom
Very detailed and complete information and many beautiful pictures of Kerisses 456 pages on pdf with more then 250 images
Price: 49,50 euro

Author: T.D. Rogers
This bibliography (496 pages in the English language, 4458 entries, 100 illustrations) is the first of its kind, and provides an annotated record of a multitude of books and articles on the almost infinite variety of forms taken by the weapons from these parts of the world, from alamang, badek, barong and so on, via keris and keris hilts, to rencong, tumbok lada, wedung, etc.
Price: 75 euro

Book: NUSANTARA Highlights from Museum Nusantara Delft
Nusantara, Highlights from Museum Nusantara Delft Auteur / Author: Arnold Wentholt Inhoud / Content: Showing some 125 highlights from Museum Nusantara (1864-2013). Museum Nusantara was a small-scale, much-loved museum entirely dedicated to the varied cultures of Indonesia.
240 pages containing 220 colour illustrations
Price: 45,00 euro

Nias book
Book: NIAS SCULPTURE. MANDALA COLLECTION. Sibeth, Achim; Carpenter, Bruce W. The first book solely dedicated to the Art and Culture of Nias in 25 years by Sibeth, Achim; Carpenter, Bruce W. Nias Sculpture features a broad array of unpublished masterpieces from the collection of the Mandala Foundation. 272 pages containing Illustrations with over 400 works of tribal art. The book contains the following chapters: Stone Sculpture (42 pp.), Wooden Sculpture (28 pp.), Weapons (42 pp.), Ritual and Daily Life (52 pp.), Jewellery (46 pp.).
Price: 75,00 euro
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